Top Question Asked: Should You Pay Down Your Mortgage Early?

Top Question Asked: Should You Pay Down Your Mortgage Early?

As a real estate and real estate investing professional, I’ve seen a lot during my 30 years of experience of working in this field. As a managing partner at LendPlus, it’s my goal to help my clients finance a home they’ll love for years, or to facilitate investments which will make a huge difference in the lives of investors. I’m also always happy to help others by sharing my expertise, and people often ask me a wide range of questions. I recently dove into what seniors need to know about reverse mortgages, because I know it can be difficult for seniors to manage their finances once they hit retirement. Today I want to talk about paying off your mortgage early. People have a lot of questions about paying off mortgages early, so I want to answer some of the top questions asked.

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3 Things You Need To Know Before Flipping Your First Home

3 Things You Need To Know Before Flipping Your First Home

Have you ever thought about flipping a home? Driving through a nice neighborhood, it’s easy to see a diamond in the rough for sale and think of the possibilities within it. I know the benefits of flipping homes, thus it’s important to go into your endeavor prepared.

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Real Estate Predictions: How Will the Mortgage Market Change in 2020?

Jacques Poujade's Real Estate Predictions

With 2020 underway, homeowners and lenders are paying close attention to the mortgage market. As a real estate investing professional for 30 years, and a Managing Partner at LendPlus, I’m also closely watching the trends, to see how the mortgage market will change in 2020. I look at the industry from the perspective that all families deserve to find a financing solution that suits their individual needs. The good news – it looks like 2020 will be a good year for the housing market in general, according to economic predictions. Mortgage rates should stay low, and one big trend- there may not be enough new homes for buyers in general. Let’s break it down.

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